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Meet The Team

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Tami Grossens,

Tami Grossens has a Master's degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI. Tami graduated and began practicing in mental health in 2001 and since that time has had the pleasure to work with a variety of populations in varied settings. Tami feels that education is a process that never stops and  takes every advantage to learn from each situation encountered. 

Tami specializes in anxiety disorders, PTSD, and depression.   She has specialized training in PTSD and dissociation.   Trained in EMDR and is a certified clinician and approved consultant.  

Tami Grossens, LCSW/ACSW
Allison Lane,

Allison is passionate about supporting women and children with complex needs including PTSD, birth   trauma, grief and loss, relationship challenges, domestic violence, eating disorders, anxiety and depression. She is inspired by therapeutic work with adults and adolescents on the cusp of adulthood, coping with life transitions. Allison has worked with children and families since 2001, supporting families participating in early intervention support services, therapeutic foster care, and social services. 

Melinda Palmer,


Melinda has a passion for coming alongside those with complex needs including trauma, domestic violence, PTSD, identity work, anxiety, and depression. She believes that therapy is a journey and that her role is to come alongside and empower you to find your way through to a place of wholeness and flourishing. She utilizes a whole-person approach and incorporates somatic, emotion-focused, attachment, narrative, and parts work to address struggles and stories from the inside out. She has worked with women and children in various capacities for over fifteen years and has experience with individuals, families, foster care, and special needs. 

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Fay received her Bachelor's Degree from Western Carolina University in 2013 and a Masters Degree from University of Southern California in 2019. .She has worked with individuals and families in various capacities for over ten years. Her experience includes treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, substance abuse, addiction, relationship conflicts, trauma and life stressors. She assists individuals by  transforming pain and other emotional distress into hope, strength and to a positive change. She has an understanding that reaching out to talk to someone about your own personal struggles or life challenges can be difficult but she's committed to providing you the support that is needed.. Fay provides a safe and empathetic environment.while using evidenced based techniques and interventions to increase client's growth and well-being. 

Fay Hand, 


Hello. I am Dillon, an outpatient mental health clinician and a change agent. As a psychotherapist, I am a component that helps facilitate positive change within your journey to emotional, psychological, and social well-being. To accomplish change, I will initially assess, diagnose, and develop a treatment plan with your help. Using an evidenced-based and person-centered treatment style, we will strive toward meeting personal, social, educational, and vocational goals. Thank you for letting me go on this personal journey with you.  My methods Used include but are not limited to:  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); Motivational Interviewing (MI); Systemic Therapy (importance of relationships). My practice and research interests include but are not limited to: PTSD; Depression; Anxiety; Substance Use; Military Veterans and Families; Father Absence; Faith, and Spirituality.


How am I qualified to serve you: Master of Social Work, Clinical Mental Health and Wellness, University of Southern California; Licensed Clinical Social Worker- Associate; Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist- Associate


Facts:  I am an avid outdoorsman, a fan of college athletics, a Military Retiree, a Father to a beautiful girl and two freeloading dogs, and a Husband to an amazing woman. 

Dillon Smith

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