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To best help you meet your needs in the time of COVID 

Updated guidelines

Should I come to my appointment?   

We continue to do our best to stay up to date with the requirements and advice of medical professionals.  We want to be certain to keep all of our clients safe, as well as our employees.  We will remind you that we do continue to require masks at all times in the office to ensure your safety and ours.   How do you know when it is safe to come in for your appointment or when you should call to reschedule?   Here are our current requirements: ​

  • For a positive Covid 19 test stay home 5 days and 24 hours with no fever, whichever comes last

  • If you are running a fever or experiencing symptoms that are not typical for you please stay home. 

  • If you have been exposed to somebody with a positive test but have not been having symptoms you will be required to wear a mask in the office at all times.   If you develop symptoms immediately call to reschedule. 

We thank you for your cooperation in this.  Please help us stay safe and keep our community safe.  

On being mask optional 

 In keeping with many other services and businesses in the community, we are opening our office to a mask optional policy.   We do still continue to encourage mask-wearing, especially if you have a lowered immune system or have not been vaccinated.    We strive to keep everybody safe so we can all keep serving the community and masks are a big part of that.    Regardless of your choice, your therapist may opt to wear a mask during your session.   

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