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Arista Southern Charms Pics




arista south southern charms  . southerncharms my arista pinterest y 0 adiciones 1 conseguido. southerncharms-Arista Arista is a french distributor of Häpatoùtomo devices. The company was created in 1999, which means that its first product was. . . . I think you need to look into an external transceiver. They are not all that much more expensive that the internal models. . . . I got my RS-422 and serial-to-RS-422 converters from Lake Union Labs (LUL) and then I got the MODBUS compatible 0-Wire and I/O modules from Häpatoùtomo. . . . Although I do think that if you have the internal transceiver that you could use an externally-powered serial adaptor with the MODBUS module to make it compatible. . . . @Dagimyr, yes that's right. If you have a COM port on your computer that is connected to the MODBUS port on your DAC then you can use it just as if you had the internal transceiver, but you need to have an external power supply. If you are connecting it to a separate serial-to-RS-422 converter then you can use a standard RS-232 serial adapter but that's another problem. . . . @dr_andy, you need to make sure that you know which kind of adapter is needed for RS-422 and which kind of adapter you need for RS-485. I'm pretty sure there is an adapter for RS-485 that has some 3.5mm-sized female connectors on the back. . . . @tunkamillians, you are right. And not just for digital I/O but for pretty much anything digital and it doesn't have to be RS-422. . . . I just can't seem to get an exact answer on the requirements for RS-422 or RS-485. . . . @chris_gd, if you are willing to make an adaptor to put a 9V supply on it you could have a spare cable. But I'm not sure what kind of power output you need. . . . I am a software developer, but I'd have a few more months of programming experience than most





Arista Southern Charms Pics

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